Our Beliefs & Values

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Our Beliefs & Values

Every organization has foundational beliefs upon which it is built. Those beliefs should be easily accessed by those who want to know.  Here are the foundational beliefs of First Presbyterian Church and the denomination of which we are a member.


We believe in the Triune God revealed to us as ...
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We believe that God is sovereign ...

and therein to be worshiped and served.

We believe that God became one of us ...

in Jesus Christ who is our Savior and Lord.

We believe that all people have become separated ...

from God through sin (usually defined as having character and behavior that misses the core of God’s holy nature).

We believe that human beings, no matter how hard ...

they try, cannot self-perfect and become restored to God.  Such reconciliation has been made available through Jesus Christ who “died on the cross for the sin of the world.”  It is through placing our faith in his work and not our own that we become reconciled with God.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God ...

and is the written authority given to us to instruct us in all things that pertain to faith and life.

We believe that God has always called together ...

a people to proclaim God’s love to the world, in word and in deed, and to invite all people to share in God’s love.

We believe that when God calls a people to ...

participate in God’s work, he also covenants with them, pledging the character and resources of heaven, to accomplish that work.

We believe the Sacrament of Baptism ...

is the sign of the entry into that covenant relationship. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is the renewal of that covenant. 

We believe God wants us to be good stewards ...

of all we have been given. We believe such stewardship includes our time, our talents, our treasures, and God’s creation. 

The Presbyterian Church is a

“Confessional” Church. 

The first part of our Constitution, the Book of Confessions, contains the 12 Confessions upon which our beliefs are based and the historic circumstances out of which they were written. Click on button to read more about what we believe on the Presbyterian Mission website.


Sacraments & Baptism

In the Presbyterian tradition we celebrate two sacraments:  baptism and the Lord’s Supper (also called Communion or The Eucharist).  A sacrament is an outward sign of an inward gift to our spirit.  These signs were initiated by our Lord Jesus.

God’s claim can take place at any time in life- as an infant, youth, young adults (etc.).  It is God’s claim and the water (be it sprinkling or emersion) is the outward sign of that claim.  Baptism is the sign of initiation into God’s family.

The Lord’s Supper was given by Jesus to his disciples the night before his crucifixion. He told his disciples then and now, “Do this in remembrance of me.”  The outward sign of taking his body and blood into ourselves is a sign of spiritual recommitment and renewal.

Even though baptism and the Lord’s Supper have become a tradition in the life of the church, They are signs of something much deeper.  These sacraments remind us that God initiated his life within us and sustains that spiritual life as we continue to walk with him.

In this church everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and lord is welcome to participate in the sacraments.  The only additional requirement within the sacraments concerns that of an infant or young child.  When a young one is baptized the parent must be a member of the church to encourage the spiritual nurturing of that young person.

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Sacraments & Baptism



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"When I walked into FPC

I felt surrounded by people who cared and wanted to help me. I felt their warmth and love and a sense of community."

- Claire Scanlon

Warmth and Hospitality

"We cherished the church's initial warmth and hospitality upon our first visit. Over time it blossomed into a tight knit family, showering us with love and support. There is a genuine vibrancy that fills the church with love and laughter! First Presbyterian has a place for everyone to come exactly as they are, and leave feeling like they are part of a greater good."

- Shelle Kuntz

"We love FPC

because we were immediately welcomed on our first visit and it felt like family.  We want our kids to feel like they belong and they felt that from the very beginning.   Our kids feel embraced by this community, seen and loved.  You can feel God at work at FPC. "

- John Jelani Manuel

301 Central Ave,
Whitefish, MT 59937

301 Central Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937


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